About us

SivaSagar town is the district head quarter of SivaSagar. Premier industries ONGCL, SBI, GAIL, SCHLUMBERGER, MEGHA, IOTL, HLS etc are located in this district. While SivaSagar town is a historical town and also directly linked with JORHAT, DIBRUGARH districts, Due to this reason people require a visit to these places are often have to make halt at SivaSagar.about-us

SivaSagar is not only Leading Industrial district, but also most famous for tourist locations like Shiva Dol, Devi Dol, Vishnu Dol, Lake Talatal Ghar, Rang Ghar, Thaora Dol, Jai Dol, Kareng Ghar, Piyaliphukanar Dol, Rudrasagar Dol, Gaurisagar Dol etc. Most of tourists comes first at our hotel, stay here and takes rest, then goes to these famous tourist locations.

The above factors are the key factors in determining the viability of a “Hotel Project” at a certain place.
At present, It has three sub-units, It has three segment like,

  • 1. Well Established Rooms With Conference hall.
  • 2. Bar
  • 3. Restaurant

The Mozinder Baruah family has developed sound business and having rich experience in the management of hotel and now looks for an improvement in his flagship concern “HOTEL BRAHMAPUTRA” by way of expansion a their existing place.

Promoter and Management:
The Project is being proposed to substantial expansion which to be started by HOTEL BRAHMAPUTRA, SivaSagar. It is a proprietorship concern. The proprietor of the hotel is Sri Sanjoy Mozinder Baruah hails from a reputed business house & has wide business exposure in different spectrum. He is around 49 years of age & Science graduate & diploma in hotel management.

The overall management of the Hotel establishment & day today management of the project as well as running of the affairs shell remains with Sri Sanjoy Mozinder Baruah who has been actively involved in the business since its inception..